The Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of la Garrotxa

The Moixina area is declared a Natural Reserve of geobotanical interest by the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa. They are places that are always water-moistened, rid of an ancient lake that filled the Olot’s plain and which was dried when the lava of the Croscat volcano flowed. It is, in addition, an area that has an enchantment transmitted in a multitude of poems and paintings by the painters of the Landscape School of Olot. This place of spectacular beauty includes one of the best known sources of Olot: the Moixina fountain.

In the middle of this privileged environment, our restaurant looks after the sustainability of the environment.

The isopir flower

The isopir flower (Isopyrum thalictroides) needs very special conditions, above all of environmental humidity and little alteration of the habitat. This flower constitutes a botanical singularity since it can only be found in few places within the Catalan territory. 

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